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The Whispertown 2000, part deux
October 22, 2008, 5:47 pm
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So again, this is off topic, but I just received my “pre-order” of The Whispertown 2000‘s new album, Swim, and it has some gorgeous packaging. Seriously, this isn’t some jewel-case major-label crap. Plus, it comes with the lyrics, which is a major bonus for someone like me who can’t tell “lawn” from “loft” (in “Old Times”).

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to talk about Whispertown was because I’m in love with their song “Erase the Lines” right now, and I had to share the lyrics, because they’re so fitting for this particular political climate we’re stuck with right now (I mean, seriously, can we please stop the middle-school trash-talk?). Morgan’s description of the song is: “This is a song about​ preju​dices​ in our histo​ry and of today​.​ I wish for One Love.​ And belie​ve it’s true.”

Once a pine, in olden times, not far away from now,
He let down a single bow, and gave himself a crown.
He said I’m tall and you are small, to clover on the ground,
So clover spread himself around
And covered pine tree up and down.
This is my side of the mountain
Only youth would share his fountain
Only you can see the green leaf turn from red to brown.
The spotted tiger spotted me, an all white bird with a yellow beak.
He stared me down, he wouldn’t speak,
He let me go ’cause I was weak.
Hide I did, did never seek, I perched upon the tallest peak,
And all the birds would flock to me, to live in bird like harmony.
This is my side of the mountain
Only youth would share his fountain
We all watch the rising sun
Shining down on everyone.
But if you’re bad then we are bad
If you’re good then we are good
We stick to own, like skin to bone, and so we end up all alone.
But, oh, from this mountain you can see
And oh, like a baby, I do believe.
Now it’s time to erase the line,
I’m gonna introduce you to a friend of mine.
Sit back and toast to a world so fine.

Streaming: The Whispertown 2000 – Erase the Lines

Photo by Autumn de Wilde. (Who is a genius. It’s true.)


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